Monday, 7 March 2011


I went to Iceland from 21st to 25th of Feb.
One of my purpose to visiting Iceland was the music.
I was wondering why numerous artists, such as Bjork, Mum and Sigur Ros play around the world,even though the population is small.
Other aim was foods which I would eat only in Iceland.
I ate many eccentric foods, and all were surprisingly delicious.
The food in pack is Hakarl, which is rotten shark meat.
Hakarl was in a jar when it was served due to its strong smell.
The smell was the worst ever, but the taste was very nice with Vodka.
This bird is called Puffin.
Don't be sorrowful to hear I ate meats of the beautiful bird.
It was smoked, and tasty with mustard.
I ate the raw whale's meat with wasabi and soy source.
You can eat traditional Icelandic foods in 3Frakkar, which I have heard is not famous for visitors but papular for local people.
I ate delicious lobster soup with hot breads in The Sea baron.
The price was more reasonable than I expected.
This lunch was only one luxury meal during my trip.
The Humarhusid , the most famous lobster restaurant, is located in centre of Reykgavik.
I will never forget the taste and the price.
Pylsusinnep, a hot dog shop, is famous for ex-U.S.A president Clinton ate this hot dog.
Much recommendation for this shop is on the Internet.
To be honest, The Hot Dog is the best food in my life.
I ate 8 pieces in 4 days. The taste is incredible, Everyone should go Iceland to eat it.
The special source of Pylsusinnep is in the supermarket.
I got one to try to make hot dog.
I also bought Icelandic sweet as souvenirs for friends.
This taste is unique and addictive for me, yet my friends hate it.
A staff of Mundi told me the live performance in a bar, Bakkus.
She played as Mr. Silla. I was so impressed by their performance.
You can listen her delicate and tender vice at Mum, which she also play.
They are We Are All Romans, a band from NYC.
There are many fashionable people in this bar.
It is rare and difficult to watch the good live performance for free in Japan.
Bakkus was nice place to listen confer music with beers.
A man sitting next me in Bakkus recommended me to go the other club, Sodoma, where a band was playing. I don't know the name of the band, but I really enjoyed it.
Now I suppose that one reason why many worldwide artists were born in Iceland is existence of bar and club where they can play with good audiences and alcohols.

I deeply missed silent town, foods, music and kind people in Iceland.
I wish I went to there again.

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