Thursday, 3 March 2011


I visited Iceland, the country of fire and ice, at 21st to 25th Feb. There were many eccentric things for me in Iceland. Someone said that the country was named "Iceland" because in old days citizens didn't want immigrants to come the island to prevent to be crowded. I now can understand the feeling of them and even would like to live in Iceland.

Please read this article with Icelandic music, Mum.
There are some basic information about Iceland.
(1)The capital, Reykjavik, is the cleanest city in the world
(2)They generate all electricity by hydraulic and geothermal powers, and there are no unclear power plant.
(3)Icelander read the largest amount of books in a year.
On the way from Keflavik airport I saw thousand s of streetlamp both sides of the road. Those lamps make a wonderful night view which is completely different form Tokyo's one. The lights are tender and look a huge snake in the dark.
After I checked in Hotel Cabin, cheapest and nice!!, I bought some local foods. Skyr is very yummy and, the taste is more creamy than yogurt. Try it with a bread!
The color bar of Iceland was so COOL! and it was MOVING!!
Japanese one is boring and too simple underneath.
I have heard from my friends that Chinese use the same one. How about other countries?
The houses are small and colorful. This was my first time I saw cars run on the right side.
U.K is left side as well as Japan.
FREE public toilets are equipped around the city.
This has an automatic washing and door system!
The Hallgrimskirkja church, which was designed by an Icelandic architect, is a symbol of Reykjavik.
The inside of the church is full with sanctity and beauty.
Luckily for me, I could listen the sound of the massive pipe organ.
The strong and divine sound echoed in the church.
The view from the top was magnificent.
This city is so small and cute, and each house looks a toy.
It is easy to guess that a visitor may die when he open this door from inside.
Decorations of shining pieces are on the wall around the city.
When wind blows, it starts to shine.
I found at least 3 this sort of decorations in Reykjavik.
Green polka dots are on the road.
I suppose it might cause traffic accidents because it's too lovely.
What's that?? I have no idea. They were in a small nearby the church.
What's that?? I have no idea. It seemed to a mix of Icecream and Natto, fermented soybeans.

To be continued......

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